Imagine: an early summer day in the country, and you’re enjoying a view over a golden landscape dotted with the vibrant colours of wild flowers.  The sun is warming your back and a light breeze eddies through the long grass.  You’re rambling along the edge of a field, listening to the birdsong from the hedgerow, contentedly daydreaming about the lazy afternoon ahead.

But now – you have to climb a wooded hillside.  You pass under the trees, and the canopy blocks the sunlight.  No birds sing here, and the air is still.  You venture forward, but you can’t make out a path.  You turn to the right and then the left.  It’s not clear which way you need to go.  You feel a little anxious, and suddenly sense that someone is watching you.


There isn’t a word for this – so I’m going to make one up.  I think being bewatched fits the bill.  The watcher – who may or may not be there – does not have good intentions, and there’s the added possibility of being bewitched.

I think we also need a related term – that of being bestared.  This doesn’t have the unnerving connotations of being bewatched.  It’s more fleeting, as when you glance up and look directly as someone who has been staring at you.

I like these new words, and I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to make up some more.  Hope you like them too!


  1. margaret brooke

    Congratulations ! Hope I’m first to leave a comment. Well done, forward into the realm of the new!

  2. margaret brooke

    Just spent couple of hours reading then looking at items mentioned. Like the new beginning. Steve Dillworth’s work and his video fascinating. Have u looked at Jodie Carey’s work? “In the eyes of others” tenuous link to Dillworth.

  3. m brooke

    Just been catching up. Re judderman placed number 1 on you tube 10 scariest adds but have a look at all 10 – the Little Baby’s ice cream one is truly weird. Q why is the uncanny used so much in ads? Watched Jane E on tv ( first shown about 10yrs ago) Charlotte B certainly knew how to tap into uncanny.

  4. m brooke

    Just watched fear itself, well watched most at times bit scary, or, bit too close to to the ‘real’ for comfort.


Anything to add? Let me know!